Another bit of pro work that I was involved in. The team at Blizzard had a fairly good looking digital sculpt on hand that they had made in-house. It needed a rebuild, which isn’t too hard, and engineering for joints.

Engineering the joints takes some strategy to make it turn out well, and animating the character while I rebuild it helps. I can test rotation and clearance. Balancing the sculpt is harder to pull off digitally, but I have made a sweet “tilted tabletop” virtual set, and I can run a drop test using physics simulation. That’s a lot of fun! It’s a short drop, but it acts like a bump, the kind of bump that would send a mis-balanced toy diving off a shelf.

Lately a few followers have been asking about getting into designer toys. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re just starting out. I usually send them here: - it’s a series of brief articles about design and manufacturing.

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